Summer Looks You Can Pull Off

With summer comes hot weather and less clothing to hide the unmentionable areas of our body that we wish we still could hide. Well here are some fashion looks that every woman may have thought they couldn’t wear but in all actuality can.

When it comes to skirts, women always find some type of excuse as to why they never wear them. Whether it is their calves are too big, they don’t like their legs or their hips are too wide skirts are never on the top of their list. Don’t be intimidated by skirts because the best types are cute and flattering. Try a flared, knee-length silhouette. It can be in almost any fabric such as linen, rayon or cotton. A-line skirts are sometimes the best for women because they flair out at the hip and look great.


Solid and prints are both lovely patterns to wear in a summer skirt. Pair it with a fitted T or another soft top. Go for a wedged heel for a dressier look or a flat sandal for a more casual wear.

If you have been the type of person to pass on head-to-toe blooms because you think only girly types can pull them off, take a look at some of the newer florals. From watercolor to mod prints, these florals are far from old fashioned. One easy way to try the trend is to pick up a floral print handbag.

Keep prints in proportion to your shape: larger frames look best in bigger blooms; petite frames can carry off allover, tiny prints. Either way, prints that are closer together will make your frame look smaller, while wide-spaced prints will make you look larger.

Pass on the urge to let your bra straps hang out. This look can be tacky and give off the impress that you don’t care about your image. Instead try on tank tops before buying to see if they cover the straps.

Do you think a 2-piece swimsuit can only be a bikini? Nope, and actually some of the modern 2-piece swimsuits are actually more flattering than 1-piece swimwear. The new 2-pieces have longer top and bottoms with lots of coverage so they can be more flattering.

To cover a stomach bulge, opt for a 2-piece that has a long, loose top so it won’t cling to your stomach and bring attention to it. To smooth out lower body flaws, choose a 2-piece with a short skirt attached. If you’re skeptical about the coverage of a longer 2-piece, you can even find a mock 2-piece which has a fabric lining underneath. It gives you the smooth lines, but more security.

If dimples, veins, cellulite or pasty legs keeping you from airing out your legs in the heat, go for a compromise. There is a short for every woman that will give them the perfect look. One of the most wearable lengths is the Bermuda that is a couple of inches above the knee. Depending on your body type, you can tweak the length of shorts to flatter your figure.


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Caged Boots: Will They Be In Your Closet?


The all around peep shoes are said to be a must have for the summer. They have been photographed on celebrities such as Beyonce and Ciara, but I completely disagree. I’m not a fan, especially for the price. There are some on the internet that are thousands of dollars cheaper. But if you want the real thing by Yves Saint Laurent they will cost around about $1600 and that’s just for one pair.

There are no “buy one get one” or “buy two get two” sales on these shoes. But since i’m all for fashion on a budget, due to the current circumstances, I will happliy give you the web address to get these shoes for less. Here is a website that sell replicas for only $90 CLICK HERE!

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Beyonce’s Outfit…A Yes or No??


Beyonce Knowles aka Mrs. Carter was spotted shopping in Vienna, Austria with her mother. While out Beyonce was sporting a tank, J.Brand jeans, those horrid YSL cage boots, a Valentino bag and a fedora hat. My question to you is are you feeling her wardrobe??

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Summer Trends Are Scorching This Season

There are trends for every season. Fall and winter trends had been addressed, along with the spring. It’s time for summer trends, which are pretty hot and heated this season.

The first out of the trends are ruffles. Who would’ve thought ruffles were set to come back as a fashionable trend? On the top of many fashion designers list, ruffles are becoming a favorite. Bring out that girlie side with soft cascading ruffles or frills of layers at the hem. Be mindful that ruffles draw attention to any part of the body they are worn on. Save ruffles for the neckline so they will draw attention to your face, or wear them on a hem to make your legs look sexy.

Tribal and Safari prints are a strong reoccurring print displayed in the fashion world. Prepare yourself for even more animal prints, heavily beaded jewelry, and safari jackets. Never over do the tribal look. It can become to overbearing and too much like a costume. Instead use this trend sporadically, pairing it with something modern. A tribal print dress with metallic sandals or a safari jacket paired with white jeans is more suitable.


One of my favorite trends for the summer is the statement shoe. They may not make much sense but they certainly grab the attention of others when walking down the street. There really are no restrictions with statement shoes, simply because they command attention and will stand out with almost any outfit. You do want to keep in mind that whatever outfit you wear don’t make it compete with the shoes. If you are wearing wild outfits pick subtle shoes instead of tacking on even crazier shoes. Try the typical little black dress with sparkly sandals, rolled up boyfriend jeans with funky wedges or create your own style as long as it’s sensible and fashionable.

Bright, bold bags aren’t just for mom’s on the go or sunbathers. Large purses in an array of colors such as Yellow, orange, blue and hot pink are perfect compared to the dark “it” bags popular in the fall. If you are a brave fashionista mix and match your big, bold brights. Try a purple bag with blue or yellow and green. Not the type of person to take extreme risk? Go for bold brights with simple colors like black, white or neutrals to bring your style up to date.

As seen on Beyonce Knowles at the “Obsessed” movie premiere the high-low hems are sizzling this summer. A dress that is cut above the knee in the front and falls to the floor in the back adds that sexy can-can flair to an evening dress.

There is nothing at all subtle about this trend, so when wearing it make sure the rest of your dress does not compete with the hem. Keep your legs bare for the sexiest look and finish it off with amazing high heels, be sure you can walk in them!

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Beyonce at Obsessed Movie Premiere


Singer/actress Beyonce Knowles poses for the camera at the Cinema Society and MCM screening of ‘Obsessed’ at the School of Visual Arts on Thursday night in New York City. Beyonce is one celebrity that knows her body and knows it well. Granted most of the clothes she puts on her back aren’t always on the top of the best dressed list, but when she wants to shine honey she lights up the sky.

This dress is a hit with me. It’s sexy, yet it isn’t over done. It simple yet dramatic. It’s cinched at the waist which accentuate the hips and breast to give off the coke bottle figure. Of course we all know black is a woman’s best color when it comes to evening gowns and dresses. So the color definitely isn’t an issue. The question is did Beyonce outshine her co-star Ali Larter at the screening??

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Balmain Jackets! A Hit With Celebs, But Are They With You?


Celebrites, such as Rihanna and Beyonce, are fans of the new Balmain jacket. If you are not aware of Balmain Clothing line take a look at the following pictures to give you some incite. Personally I find the jackets to be an abomination and should be thrown back to the decade they came from.

The jackets are reminicent of a Ring Leader of the Barnum Bailey Circus. They range anywhere between 5,000 to over 11,000 dollars. Just because something is designer and expensive does not make it fashionable.  I’m not really understanding the ringleader look, but I guess celebs are just going with what stands out. Have them in your closet but not mine.


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Ashanti’s Gown?? A yes or no?

Beverly Hills Hotel & BungalowPhotographed at the 2009 Jenesse Silver Rose Gala & Auction in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday Afternoon Ashtani struts around with this gold number. Granted  I am not a big fan of Ms. Ashanti, but I will have to say I love this dress. The off gold color works well with her skin tone and the embellished jewels sparkle in the light.

I do think she should have had it hemed to where it lightly touched the ground so we could get a glimpse of the shoes.  Being that the jewels on the gown are so strong the bracelets were a bit much. Instead of cascading bangles down your arm a simple diamond bracelet would have been much better. Remember a main rule of fashion…Sometime’s simple is better!

My question to you is was it a good choice or should she have left it at home?

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Kanye and his Kandy Sneaks


In a newly released ad, Kanye West shows off his ridiculously priced sneakers with his new squeeze Amber Rose. The Louis Vuitton inspired sneakers will cost anywhere between $800 or more and are set to release in June of this year. Honestly, I am not a fan of the shoes, especially for the price.

Is he not aware we are in a recession and $800 shoes are the last thing on anyone’s mind. I would like to know the demographics targeted for these shoes, because they’re definitely not targeted towards everyday people like you and me? Are you liking them? Let me know. Below are a few more pictures of the male pastry’s


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Floral Prints are Blooming this Spring!

Finally spring is here! There is no doubt we are still recovering from the winter blues, but a best way to get over that is spring fashion. Floral prints are one of the biggest spring trends this season. Beautiful bright, bold, colorful, big prints, small prints of all fabrics or colors are almost everywhere. It is not suggested to completely go head to toe with floral print. But for those who have a fear of overdoing it just add a hint rather than the whole ensemble. Accessories are the best way to add a little bit of fancy floral to a drab and boring wardrobe.


Scarves have not only been big in the fashion world, but they are the best way to add that little something to the outfit. There is no way to wear a scarf incorrectly. They can be versatile. A floral scarf can be tied around the neck to brighten up a conservative suit for an interview or just one the job. Make sure, if you do chose to wear this style, the fabric should be silk or a silk blend that looks polished.

A casual scarf goes well with jeans and a T-shirt if you just want to include a touch of floral to a casual outfit. For those who think they have an eye for fashion or are daring, floral on floral can create an exciting and interesting look. Make sure the prints look well together, if not then your outfit will look like a giant flower garden gone horribly wrong. Scarves can be found just about anywhere from high end boutiques to discount stores and range from $7.99 to $89.

If floral isn’t working for your top and bottom half, then how about the feet? Fun, flirty floral shoes give any plain outfit a pick-me-up. This season’s cropped pants, Bermuda shorts and jeans fit perfectly with floral shoes because they will be seen rather than covered with long, oversized fabric. If you don’t quite feel comfortable with full blown floral print shoes, then try a shoe with a rosette-a rose on the toe of the shoe- rather than a complete print. Floral shoes can be found in Payless, Charlotte Russe, Burlington Coat Factory and Macys.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like jewelry? Well for all the jewelry lovers out there try floral jewelry! Costume floral jewelry is the best way to go. Brooches are making a strong comeback in the fashion world. They can be seen on everything from jackets, to dresses and even cardigan sweaters. A simple brooch can update any look within a matter of seconds. For those of you who tend to wear dark colors, floral jewelry can spring a fresh feel of spring to the outfit. One piece can make the world of difference. For affordable jewelry try Forever 21 or visit their online site to see more.

Handbags are very important to a woman and to a woman’s image. A messy bag, on the outside, gives off a lazy appearance. Handbags should consistently look clean and well cared for, even if it was $5. But for those who can not seem to keep their handbags clean floral prints come to the rescue! The bold colors and patterns can sometimes hide the dirt and stains that can happen from everyday usage.

For women on the go who do not have time to worry about stains, a floral bag is the best bet for you. Contrary to belief these bags just aren’t for the beach; they are great for carrying through the spring and summer. Unlike leather, black or brown purses, florals print bags should only be worn for the spring and summer seasons. To find a great affordable bag shop Old Navy or Old Navy online for cute prints at lower prices.

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It’s Raining Men’s Spring Trends!

Now that we’ve already established what spring trends are in for the women, it’s time for the men! That’s right there are spring trends for men besides sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Luckily, these trends are easy to find and they are affordable.

Are you the type of guy that when you see patterns you cringe? Or the type of guy that  just keeps your outfit to the bare minimum? Well add some interest to your outfit with a leather jacket. The leather jacket is a big trend for the men this year. It helps those who are afraid to experiment with patterns and colors give their wardrobe an edgier look. The leather jacket also goes with almost every outfit. Of course you do not want to wear leather with every single item in your closet but Keep it simple. Match leather with jeans, button down shirts, and khakis.

Dark colors are fine for cooler climates, but warmer temperatures call for palette-cleansing white. Instead of a bright white shirt that highlights paleness, try white jeans to shift the focus to your lower half. White is ideal for casual weekend activities, like barbecues and beach trips. White jeans can easily be elevated with a crisp blazer and a button-front shirt, but they should not be worn during the evening,

This spring is all about contrasting color. Traditional china blue–with a white collar–is a safe style color code, but a standard one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. But remember, even if the body of the shirt is dark, wash it with light colors or you’ll risk muddying that crisp white collar.


Love the look and feel of a 3-piece suit? You’re in luck because 3-piece suits are making a strong comeback into spring men trends. Nobody wants to dress like a banker these days. Instead, its better to have your suit convey a contemporary sensibility. Subtle patterns–small checks, plaids, and pinstripes—offer added interest to your look. For important occasions, wear the full suit. But for everyday wear, split it up: Drop the jacket for a cooler look, or pair the vest with jeans to give your look a sharper and more urban look.

Neon colors are big this spring! We’ve learned a style lesson or two since the ’80s outburst of neon. “Today’s flashes of brilliance should be administered in smaller measures,” says Eric Jennings, the fashion director for menswear at Saks Fifth Avenue.”It’s picking that one pop of neon–maybe a watch or sneakers or the back of a collar–and pairing it with subdued colors,” he says. Wear this style only if you want to make a statement. You can sneak a subtle jolt of neon into a variety of outfits, as long as you have the confidence to wear it proudly.

A lightweight trench is surprisingly -versatile, making it the ideal outerwear for spring. If beige is too traditional for your taste, Macy’s Durand Guion suggests an unexpected pattern or color, like gray windowpane plaid. A short trench that reaches mid-thigh is another way to keep it modern. This new way of wearing the classic trench is to dress it up or down, so you can wear it with a T-shirt or a tuxedo. Golden rule: No matter the weather, resist the temptation to wear a hat with it!

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