Sparkles, Hot Pink and Shoulder Pads, OH MY!!

Fall trends are still in abundance, which is the good thing about fall. Trends are consistently changing allowing everyone to make their style personalized. A trend I didn’t expected for the chilly season was hot pink.

091508_hotpink_400x400Women sashaying own the runway were “pretty in pink” with dresses, jackets, blouses and accessories all decked out in this shade. The easy thing with pink is that anyone can pull it off as long as it is done in the right way. Don’t overload in pink and look like an oversized bottle of Pepto-Bismol because it’s in this season. Instead try a pink handbag, scarf, bracelet or be fabulous with pink shoes. If you’re not the girly-girl type or into pink, no worries, yellow is still holding strong.

Metallic and sequins will no longer be ruled as only being worn at night. Designers are brightening up their daytime attire and adding a little sparkle to gloomy/dark colors for the fall and winter weather. Pair metallics and sequins with casual work trousers or even under a cute fitted blazer, the two also work very well with jeans. Not your look? Then go for a sparkly scarf or belt to add some pizzazz. No need to over do it, a little sparkle goes a long way.

Asymmetrical are back again. Yet this style seems to be one to never disappear. Showing off a little of a bare shoulder is incredibly chic. Sexy and classy, asymmetrical dresses and stops are all over the runways this fall in different cuts, colors and styles. Shoulders may just be the new cleavage ladies!

Grays and blacks were no surprise. You don’t have to know fashion to know gray and black are in the for fall season. These colors are for the stylish who may not be so adventurous with color i.e. hot pink. Mixing and matching with neutrals such as these are never a problem for even the most unfashionable person. These colors are so simple that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. Plus you can pair them with the other trends mentioned above with no problem.

Those who cannot seem to let go of the 80’s may be elated about this latest fashion trend. Granted, I don’t know how happy I am about it, but shoulder pads are back! Apparently bigger is better when it pertains to shoulder pads. In contrast to the older shoulder pads that made all women look like a linebacker; these pads have a more architectural grace with a slimming effect. If you notice the current blazer, with shoulder pads, have a cinched waist. That way the outfit doesn’t look bulky and neither do you.

The final trend, which seems to be overdone are the opaque tights and colored leggings. The good thing about them is The good thing about them is they keep us warm on cool fall days. Also opaque tights make petite women appear to have longer legs when worn, as long as the tights are the same color as your shoes and skirt. Da1dbafa4e-0c1b-989e-7bd0-f64b05736494-life_fb_buzzindex_LiquidLeggingsrk color tights and colored leggings make women look thinner because dark colors recede

As far as bright colored tights they need to be burned and buried. They are not flattering on any woman of any size, especially plus sized. Being a plus sized woman myself I never understood why woman flocked to them. They bring attention to bulge and show every ounce of flaws a woman may have, and to risk the chance of having VPL (visible panty lines), which is NEVER cute.

With that said apply these look to your wardrobe! Make sure you make your style your own. Never wear something because it looks good on someone else. Wear it because it looks good on you.


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