Military Jackets Not Just For Men

After doing some research for the latest article, it has been proven that the military look is a big hit this fall with designers. Granted it is a bit sergeant like, when paired with the right items correctly it can be stylish. Military jackets are perfect for the fall season, with it being jacket weather, and designers are making this look apart of their runway shows.

Gold detailing and elaborate trims set off slick military cuts. There are a number of different looks that can be created with this trend from rock to edgy-feminine to bohemian. Since the military jacket is so masculine, you will have to pair it with certain accessories and items to give a feminine look.


Afforable cropped military jacket found at for only $13.99

Skinny jeans, dresses and tights are good options to pair with the jacket oppose to boyfriend or boot-cut jeans which will make you look entirely too militant. Skinny jeans offer a tight, slimming contrast to the broad structure of the military jacket. Pair with a tight, solid top and basic pumps to get a cute and simplistic look.

Pairing a military jacket with shiny leggings and studded heels give you more of a rocker chic look than the skinny jeans or a dress. Make sure to find a T-shirt that hits mid-thigh and accessorize with long necklaces along with studded bangles. For a super feminine look, pair a military jacket with a full dress or skirt. For fall, keep warm by wearing tights and boots or booties. Team over-the-knee fringed boots with skinny pants, foho prints, and a strict military jacket for a sexy and creative bohemian look.

The bad thing about military jackets is that they will more than likely be a short-lived trend. Right now they are fashionable, but they are not a timeless trend such as the black dress, the classic pump, the trench coat or the comfortable fitted T-shirt. So with that said do not go out and buy a Balmain military jacket for $1000 dollars. That would just be foolish!!


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