The New Shoes This Season: Thigh-Highs!

I had previous discussed just a few fashion trends that are gracing the catwalks and finding their way into our closets. That happy sunshine feeling everyone had for the summer is gone and will be replace by this years dark, sexy and mysterious fall shoe trends-the thigh-high.


Affordable thigh-highs found on for $42.90.

Thigh-highs have become the official boot for the fall/winter 2009-2010 seasons. At one point in time there was an overall conclusion about women who wore these types of boots, but in fashion opinions are steadily changing. Thigh highs are anything but subtle and completely mainstream. With the variety of colors, heels, sizes and textures, you do not want your boots to scream ‘sex!’ Keep them sexy, but in a condifent and controlled manner.

While wearing thigh-highs pair them with a modest sweater or long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans/tights underneath. Not only is the look sexy, but you will keep yourself from looking like a lady of the night. Another thing to avoid when it comes to thigh-highs are patent leather and chunky heels. This combination will give off the wrong impression of your occupation during the late night hours.

Instead of patent, reach into those pockets and invest in a genuine leather pair, especially if these boots will be worn consistently. Being that leather can be costly, spend your money on colors that match with everything, such as black, brown, or grey. If those colors do not appeal to you and you’d like to try something different, go with colors like olive green, cremes or deep reds.

Suede is another option that will not suck your bank account dry and looks great with an array of colors. Furthermore, with the fall temperatures wool lining might be a consideration when shopping for thigh-highs. These will be fashionable and will give off a cozy aviation inspired look, but it will also keep the legs warm.

Luckily thigh-highs come in a variety of styles for almost every woman’s personality. Classic thigh-highs are the best for those who are just introducing themselves to the idea. Elegant, slim-fitting suede with a round or tapered toe is the best bet when it comes to a simple everyday look that will stand the test of time.

For all those rocker girls go with tight black leather thigh-highs with belt or zipper accent. They scream with the confidence of a “rocker chick” and they are sexy. Continuing with the cyberpunk influence of the recent years, wound and bound boots with a element of dark futurism is a trend expected in the coming season. The futurism/cyberpunk look is for all those fashionistas that like to stay ahead of the game.

None of these trends seem to fit you and you’d like to really stand out? Then quirky metallic top-to-toe lace boots are probably thr best bet. Garter-topped thigh-highs are brave and can b stylish, but they are not meant for long-term use. Shoes like these are a simple fad to stir the masses, but not something that will be expected to return.

There is certtainly one thing everyone should avoid: replacing pants, leggings or jeans with your thigh-highs as seen on the Prada 2009/2010 catwalk. This look will give off the impessrion that you walked out of the house unaware that your bottoms are missing or that you don’t care. This is trashy….sorry! As I said ladies, we do not want to look like harlots. So if you pull the “i’ll replace my pants with boots look” don’t be offended if a guy asked “how much?”


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