Break into New Trends W/O Breaking Your Wallet!

School is in full swing and so is fall fashion! Take a break from your flip-flops, gladiator sandals, shorts and halters to read up on the newly awaited fall trends!!

As we all know, the economy is doing poorly so keeping up with trends and fashion can be costly. Fortunately there are ways to be fashionable, but for less. If you haven’t noticed the lumberjack plaid making a big debut this year then you must have been living under a rock.  Any plaid bought over the spring or simmer time should be kept out for the fall weather.


L.e.i plaid shirt found on for $9

Plaid is still big this season, regardless of the color, and can be found in just about any store. Wal-mart and Target are big chain stores that are definitely keeping up with trends at an affordable price. For instance, this plaid L.e.i shirt at Wal-Mart is only $9.00 compared to other designer clothes.

Plaid can also be found in thrift stores. Do not be ashamed to shop in thrift stores because not only are they affordable to everyone, but they can sometimes carry designer brands for much less.

When wearing plaid one thing to keep in mind is that the design already speaks for itself. There is no need to pair it with an over abundance of accessories or a plaid shoe with plaid pants and a plaid hat. That is just uncalled for and I’m pretty sure it would look disastrous.

Keep the colors consistent and draw attention to just one area of your body instead of all over. Thick belts should be every woman’s friend. Giving that cinch around a woman’s waste can really give off a sexy and confident look. Thick, chunky belts can be worn with anything from shirts to  jackets. Belts are relatively inexpensive depending on where it is that you shop. Old Navy, Target, Burlington Coat Factory and Charlotte Russe are among the many stores that offer cheap belts.

Depending on the brand and the fabric they can range anywhere between $5 to $30. Of course, I would not suggest buying a belt for $30 unless it is made of genuine leather. Even you were to buy a leather belt, it could only be worn with certain outfits and in certain seasons. Buy a belt that is versatile and can be worn year at any time of the year.

This is a first, but big buttons are a must this fall. Designers such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Pamela Roland fashion is filled with over sized buttons. This is one trend that is probably the most affordable than any other because it’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) trend. Buttons thread and pins altogether will not cost anymore than $10. Don’t be afraid to apply your own buttons to a shirt to give it a little kick. A little needle and thread never hurt anybody!! If push comes to shove, Youtube “How to sew on buttons” for further instruction on how to apply buttons to your shirts, jeans, jackets or even a purse.

Scarves are pretty much a given for a fall trend. We’ve had people running about wearing them in the summer, which I will never understand or suggest, but i digress. This is a trend seen with both males and females. A scarf can definitely add a little class or edge to any outfit an they’re available everywhere for purchase. It is hard to walk into a store that sells clothing without noticing scarves in the section as well.

Do not splurge on scarves due to their excessive availability in affordable stores. To spend anything over $20 is a bit ridiculous, but if it’s cute and you’ve “got to have it” then treat yourself….I guess. Just make sure you don’t see a replica in the next store for cheaper.

Striped tights are gracing the catwalk as well. I’m not advising anyone to walk outside looking as if they were Pippy Longstocking in the previous life, but be creative. Striped tights can actually be done for free. Would you like to know how?? Cut the sleeve of a striped long sleeve stretch T-shirt that is no longer being worn and there you are! Team this look up with slouchy leg warmers, a pair of casual boots and you’re a Marc Jacob fashion model…well, in your mind.

One thing to ALWAYS remember with fashion trends: regardless of the season, KIA (Keep It Affordable). Do not break the bank trying to buy fashion designer trends because as fast as they come in they leave even faster. Find good replicas in the store my lovelies


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