61402ew_campbell_b-gr_01Between the fur, shoes, hat and the bag…I don’t even know where to begin. I love Naomi and usually she is always fly but today must be her off day. If it isn’t I hope she has a logical excuse for this disaster


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HOT! or NOT! Dania Ramirez

daniar5Loving lovely at the launch party for Pinkney Turner Denim, Dania Ramirez has the potential to be an “it” girl. It’s sad that she doesn’t make much of an appearance in the Hollywood scene, but it seems like she is still doing her thing. I like this outfit. It’s chic and simple. Always the best way to go! How do you feel about it my lovelies??

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HOT! or NOT! Ashanti

hennessy 081009I don’t know why I keep allowing this woman to be displayed on my blog, but hey she has to get some sort of shine somewhere being as though she is no longer relevant. Anyway here is Ashtani at the Hennessy Artistry event in New York City. My question to you is did she rock it?

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Sparkles, Hot Pink and Shoulder Pads, OH MY!!

Fall trends are still in abundance, which is the good thing about fall. Trends are consistently changing allowing everyone to make their style personalized. A trend I didn’t expected for the chilly season was hot pink.

091508_hotpink_400x400Women sashaying own the runway were “pretty in pink” with dresses, jackets, blouses and accessories all decked out in this shade. The easy thing with pink is that anyone can pull it off as long as it is done in the right way. Don’t overload in pink and look like an oversized bottle of Pepto-Bismol because it’s in this season. Instead try a pink handbag, scarf, bracelet or be fabulous with pink shoes. If you’re not the girly-girl type or into pink, no worries, yellow is still holding strong.

Metallic and sequins will no longer be ruled as only being worn at night. Designers are brightening up their daytime attire and adding a little sparkle to gloomy/dark colors for the fall and winter weather. Pair metallics and sequins with casual work trousers or even under a cute fitted blazer, the two also work very well with jeans. Not your look? Then go for a sparkly scarf or belt to add some pizzazz. No need to over do it, a little sparkle goes a long way.

Asymmetrical are back again. Yet this style seems to be one to never disappear. Showing off a little of a bare shoulder is incredibly chic. Sexy and classy, asymmetrical dresses and stops are all over the runways this fall in different cuts, colors and styles. Shoulders may just be the new cleavage ladies!

Grays and blacks were no surprise. You don’t have to know fashion to know gray and black are in the for fall season. These colors are for the stylish who may not be so adventurous with color i.e. hot pink. Mixing and matching with neutrals such as these are never a problem for even the most unfashionable person. These colors are so simple that it’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. Plus you can pair them with the other trends mentioned above with no problem.

Those who cannot seem to let go of the 80’s may be elated about this latest fashion trend. Granted, I don’t know how happy I am about it, but shoulder pads are back! Apparently bigger is better when it pertains to shoulder pads. In contrast to the older shoulder pads that made all women look like a linebacker; these pads have a more architectural grace with a slimming effect. If you notice the current blazer, with shoulder pads, have a cinched waist. That way the outfit doesn’t look bulky and neither do you.

The final trend, which seems to be overdone are the opaque tights and colored leggings. The good thing about them is The good thing about them is they keep us warm on cool fall days. Also opaque tights make petite women appear to have longer legs when worn, as long as the tights are the same color as your shoes and skirt. Da1dbafa4e-0c1b-989e-7bd0-f64b05736494-life_fb_buzzindex_LiquidLeggingsrk color tights and colored leggings make women look thinner because dark colors recede

As far as bright colored tights they need to be burned and buried. They are not flattering on any woman of any size, especially plus sized. Being a plus sized woman myself I never understood why woman flocked to them. They bring attention to bulge and show every ounce of flaws a woman may have, and to risk the chance of having VPL (visible panty lines), which is NEVER cute.

With that said apply these look to your wardrobe! Make sure you make your style your own. Never wear something because it looks good on someone else. Wear it because it looks good on you.

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Are You Feeling This? Prince Edition


Prince was spotted coming out of his limo during Fashion Week in Paris. Decked out in Barney purple Prince was on his way to the VIP room. I respect Prince to the fullest degree but this outfit has to go. It looks like a drape and everything is the same color. It’s entirely TOOO much. Good-bye Prince! Go home and try again. I just had to put this up on the page because this is definitely a fashion DON’T!!

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HOT! or NOT!: Paula Patton


In attendence at the Alice Tully Hall for New York Film Festival screening of the critically-acclaimed movie, “Precious”.  Patton was looking rather lovely in this short one shoulder number. Dresses with the old shoulder design are definitely in the for the fall season and Ms. Patton shows she is up on her fashion. I’m not a fan of the shoes. I think a simple sliver or diamond accented shoe would’ve brought a glamour flair to the ensemble. My question to you is are you feeling the get up?

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Military Jackets Not Just For Men

After doing some research for the latest article, it has been proven that the military look is a big hit this fall with designers. Granted it is a bit sergeant like, when paired with the right items correctly it can be stylish. Military jackets are perfect for the fall season, with it being jacket weather, and designers are making this look apart of their runway shows.

Gold detailing and elaborate trims set off slick military cuts. There are a number of different looks that can be created with this trend from rock to edgy-feminine to bohemian. Since the military jacket is so masculine, you will have to pair it with certain accessories and items to give a feminine look.


Afforable cropped military jacket found at target.com for only $13.99

Skinny jeans, dresses and tights are good options to pair with the jacket oppose to boyfriend or boot-cut jeans which will make you look entirely too militant. Skinny jeans offer a tight, slimming contrast to the broad structure of the military jacket. Pair with a tight, solid top and basic pumps to get a cute and simplistic look.

Pairing a military jacket with shiny leggings and studded heels give you more of a rocker chic look than the skinny jeans or a dress. Make sure to find a T-shirt that hits mid-thigh and accessorize with long necklaces along with studded bangles. For a super feminine look, pair a military jacket with a full dress or skirt. For fall, keep warm by wearing tights and boots or booties. Team over-the-knee fringed boots with skinny pants, foho prints, and a strict military jacket for a sexy and creative bohemian look.

The bad thing about military jackets is that they will more than likely be a short-lived trend. Right now they are fashionable, but they are not a timeless trend such as the black dress, the classic pump, the trench coat or the comfortable fitted T-shirt. So with that said do not go out and buy a Balmain military jacket for $1000 dollars. That would just be foolish!!

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The New Shoes This Season: Thigh-Highs!

I had previous discussed just a few fashion trends that are gracing the catwalks and finding their way into our closets. That happy sunshine feeling everyone had for the summer is gone and will be replace by this years dark, sexy and mysterious fall shoe trends-the thigh-high.


Affordable thigh-highs found on gojane.com for $42.90.

Thigh-highs have become the official boot for the fall/winter 2009-2010 seasons. At one point in time there was an overall conclusion about women who wore these types of boots, but in fashion opinions are steadily changing. Thigh highs are anything but subtle and completely mainstream. With the variety of colors, heels, sizes and textures, you do not want your boots to scream ‘sex!’ Keep them sexy, but in a condifent and controlled manner.

While wearing thigh-highs pair them with a modest sweater or long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans/tights underneath. Not only is the look sexy, but you will keep yourself from looking like a lady of the night. Another thing to avoid when it comes to thigh-highs are patent leather and chunky heels. This combination will give off the wrong impression of your occupation during the late night hours.

Instead of patent, reach into those pockets and invest in a genuine leather pair, especially if these boots will be worn consistently. Being that leather can be costly, spend your money on colors that match with everything, such as black, brown, or grey. If those colors do not appeal to you and you’d like to try something different, go with colors like olive green, cremes or deep reds.

Suede is another option that will not suck your bank account dry and looks great with an array of colors. Furthermore, with the fall temperatures wool lining might be a consideration when shopping for thigh-highs. These will be fashionable and will give off a cozy aviation inspired look, but it will also keep the legs warm.

Luckily thigh-highs come in a variety of styles for almost every woman’s personality. Classic thigh-highs are the best for those who are just introducing themselves to the idea. Elegant, slim-fitting suede with a round or tapered toe is the best bet when it comes to a simple everyday look that will stand the test of time.

For all those rocker girls go with tight black leather thigh-highs with belt or zipper accent. They scream with the confidence of a “rocker chick” and they are sexy. Continuing with the cyberpunk influence of the recent years, wound and bound boots with a element of dark futurism is a trend expected in the coming season. The futurism/cyberpunk look is for all those fashionistas that like to stay ahead of the game.

None of these trends seem to fit you and you’d like to really stand out? Then quirky metallic top-to-toe lace boots are probably thr best bet. Garter-topped thigh-highs are brave and can b stylish, but they are not meant for long-term use. Shoes like these are a simple fad to stir the masses, but not something that will be expected to return.

There is certtainly one thing everyone should avoid: replacing pants, leggings or jeans with your thigh-highs as seen on the Prada 2009/2010 catwalk. This look will give off the impessrion that you walked out of the house unaware that your bottoms are missing or that you don’t care. This is trashy….sorry! As I said ladies, we do not want to look like harlots. So if you pull the “i’ll replace my pants with boots look” don’t be offended if a guy asked “how much?”

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Break into New Trends W/O Breaking Your Wallet!

School is in full swing and so is fall fashion! Take a break from your flip-flops, gladiator sandals, shorts and halters to read up on the newly awaited fall trends!!

As we all know, the economy is doing poorly so keeping up with trends and fashion can be costly. Fortunately there are ways to be fashionable, but for less. If you haven’t noticed the lumberjack plaid making a big debut this year then you must have been living under a rock.  Any plaid bought over the spring or simmer time should be kept out for the fall weather.


L.e.i plaid shirt found on Wal-mart.com for $9

Plaid is still big this season, regardless of the color, and can be found in just about any store. Wal-mart and Target are big chain stores that are definitely keeping up with trends at an affordable price. For instance, this plaid L.e.i shirt at Wal-Mart is only $9.00 compared to other designer clothes.

Plaid can also be found in thrift stores. Do not be ashamed to shop in thrift stores because not only are they affordable to everyone, but they can sometimes carry designer brands for much less.

When wearing plaid one thing to keep in mind is that the design already speaks for itself. There is no need to pair it with an over abundance of accessories or a plaid shoe with plaid pants and a plaid hat. That is just uncalled for and I’m pretty sure it would look disastrous.

Keep the colors consistent and draw attention to just one area of your body instead of all over. Thick belts should be every woman’s friend. Giving that cinch around a woman’s waste can really give off a sexy and confident look. Thick, chunky belts can be worn with anything from shirts to  jackets. Belts are relatively inexpensive depending on where it is that you shop. Old Navy, Target, Burlington Coat Factory and Charlotte Russe are among the many stores that offer cheap belts.

Depending on the brand and the fabric they can range anywhere between $5 to $30. Of course, I would not suggest buying a belt for $30 unless it is made of genuine leather. Even you were to buy a leather belt, it could only be worn with certain outfits and in certain seasons. Buy a belt that is versatile and can be worn year at any time of the year.

This is a first, but big buttons are a must this fall. Designers such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Pamela Roland fashion is filled with over sized buttons. This is one trend that is probably the most affordable than any other because it’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) trend. Buttons thread and pins altogether will not cost anymore than $10. Don’t be afraid to apply your own buttons to a shirt to give it a little kick. A little needle and thread never hurt anybody!! If push comes to shove, Youtube “How to sew on buttons” for further instruction on how to apply buttons to your shirts, jeans, jackets or even a purse.

Scarves are pretty much a given for a fall trend. We’ve had people running about wearing them in the summer, which I will never understand or suggest, but i digress. This is a trend seen with both males and females. A scarf can definitely add a little class or edge to any outfit an they’re available everywhere for purchase. It is hard to walk into a store that sells clothing without noticing scarves in the section as well.

Do not splurge on scarves due to their excessive availability in affordable stores. To spend anything over $20 is a bit ridiculous, but if it’s cute and you’ve “got to have it” then treat yourself….I guess. Just make sure you don’t see a replica in the next store for cheaper.

Striped tights are gracing the catwalk as well. I’m not advising anyone to walk outside looking as if they were Pippy Longstocking in the previous life, but be creative. Striped tights can actually be done for free. Would you like to know how?? Cut the sleeve of a striped long sleeve stretch T-shirt that is no longer being worn and there you are! Team this look up with slouchy leg warmers, a pair of casual boots and you’re a Marc Jacob fashion model…well, in your mind.

One thing to ALWAYS remember with fashion trends: regardless of the season, KIA (Keep It Affordable). Do not break the bank trying to buy fashion designer trends because as fast as they come in they leave even faster. Find good replicas in the store my lovelies

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I apologize, but the Queen is BACK!!!

I apologize for my absence over the summer, but it was a MUCH needed absence. After 18 credits, involvement in 3 organizations and work I was ready to pull my hair out! Granted there was some hair loss, but that’s neither here nor there. I am back and ready to provide you with the latest in trends, affordable clothes and celebrity outfits that are either hot or not. I hope you all missed me because I most certainly miss blogging. So with that said please accept me apology and enjoy the second installment of the Block is HOT!! Also, I have a radio show every Mondays from 7-10. So if you would like to hear the voice that provides you with all this fashion knowledge log on to www.WNTE.com and stream live my lovelies!!!



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